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Business English Jargon

Business English Jargon

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  • You aced it. (You did a great job.)
  • to ace a test (to get a very high score on a test. I aced my math test!)
  • My plate is full. (I am busy.)
  • My 2 cents is … (My opinion is …)
  • Don’t leave any money on the table. (Make sure you take everything out of a negotiation.)
  • to surge (to increase quickly)
  • to ramp up (to increase)
  • to pan out (to be successful)
  • word of mouth (gossip; news spread by people talking to each other)
  • to live off (to make enough money from something)
  • Yes man (An employee that always agrees with the boss)
  • Down to the wire (Working to the last minute. To finish just before the deadline.)
  • Belt tightening (To reduce expenses. To save money.)
  • Bite the bullet (To make a difficult decision.)
  • Gut feeling (An instinct or intuition that makes you expect how something will happen.)
  • I hear you (I understand.)
  • to pass the buck (To blame someone else for a problem or mistake.)
  • Stay on your toes. (Be careful. Be ready for trouble.)
  • On the tip of my tongue (When you know a word but can’t remember how to say it)
  • Show him/her the door (To get rid of someone. To fire a person.)

I will add some more slang words or phrases and idioms in my coming articles. You should study all of these phrases to pan out.

Ahmet Aksoy


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