Aug 292015

Word learning with usage frequency

Word learning with usage frequency

I am an engineer. I love numbers, statistical values,and calculated realities. Also, usage frequency of words is very important for me. I believe that it is a very useful method learning words considering their usage frequencies. That method could be applied for any language. So, I strongly recommend this method for all language learners.

I have an electronic dictionary which contains the first 5,000 words that is based on the Corpus of Contemporary American English.

In order to check my dictionary knowledge, I checked the words starting from the beginning. In the first 1,000 words, I found only 3 words that I didn’t know the exact synonyms in my native language clearly. Normally, I understand and use them without a problem. Anyway, I must study them in order to improve my bi-lingual capacity.
These three words are as follows:

  • evidence
  • involve
  • executive

Evidence can be defined as a noun: proof, something which proves or disproves. As a verb, it is: offer proof, prove, show to be true.

In Turkish, it has a long list of correspondence: as a verb: açıklamak, açığa vurmak, belirtmek, göstermek, belgelemek, kanıtlamak, ispatlamak. And, as a noun: kanıt, delil, bulgu, tanık, şahit, ifade, ispat, tanıklık, şahitlik, açıklık, belirginlik, göze çarpma, belirti, iz. I thing I will prefer the word “kanıt” as the most fitting correspondant.

I think my problem with these words is that they have lots of similar meanings in Turkish.

Even if your native language is not Turkish, you can make the same checks for your vocabulary knowledge.

First obtain a dictionary in which the words are sorted by usage frequencies, then start from the beginning to hunt words that you missed to learn.

You will be surprised with the results you obtained.

Follow me. Share your opinions.

Ahmet Aksoy

Aug 202015

I can teach you Turkish if you help me in English

I can teach you Turkish if you help me in EnglishThis is an open deal for people whose native language is English, and want to learn Turkish from a native Turkish speaker.

If you live in Istanbul, we can study in our office in Kadikoy. Otherwise we can chat, or make some video conference connections thru skype or google.

I am already a good English speaker. I have a quite large vocabulary. I am better in formal English. And, I want to use English better and fluently especially while writing. So, I am in need of practical help in order to edit my new articles.

If you want some more details, or ask some other questions, you can connect me by:

E-mail: ahmetaksoy(at)
Twitter: @ahmetax