Sep 062015

Your eyes can repair themselves

Your eyes are marvelous!
If you know how to treat them, they can repair themselves.

Your eyes can repair themselves

Our eyes are surrounded by three sets of twin muscles. Since our eye tissue is elastic, it can be easily reshaped by the aid of these muscles. However, because of modern life styles, we generally misuse these precious organs without knowing that we make harm.

We live in small rooms, we are surrounded by walls, we read books, we watch television, we look to our PC’s, laptops, tablets, or mobile phones… We force our eyes to look only to short distances. Therefore, with the effect of getting older, we need reading glasses after forty. Because, our eyes are getting used to work in a limited range. Most of the time they are looking to some very near objects. They become more rigid, and lose the ability to focus to different distances. Our eye muscles becomes lazy.

If you use contact lenses or eye glasses, you know that they never cure your eyes. In time, your eye numbers gets worse.

But we have some good news also. In order to solve most of our eye problems, we only need to exercise our eye muscles. 15 minutes a day for a few months, can refresh your eyes with a perfect health.

Let me give you a few simple exercises:

  • Sit comfortably on a chair or similar place. Rub your palms to each other firmly until the become warm. Then close your eyes, and place your palms over your eyes gently without applying any pressure. Make sure that no light can reach your eyes directly. Wait for some time until you see only complete darkness. Repeat if required for 3 minutes.
  • Close your eyes firmly. Squeeze your eyelids and face also. Count to 5. Then open your eyes, and release your face muscles. Repeat the exercise for 10 times.
  • Massage around your eyes gently for about one minute.
  • Look up and down without moving your head. Repeat 10 times.
  • Look left and right without moving your head. Repeat 10 times.
  • Look upper-left and lower-right without moving your head. Repeat 10 times.
  • Look upper-right and lower-left without moving your head. Repeat 10 times.
  • Turn your eyes clockwise for ten times.
  • Turn your eyes counter-clockwise for ten times.
  • Hold a pencil and stretch your arm in front of you. Look at your nose tip, then look at the tip of pencil, and look at a far object. Repeat the same for 10 times.
  • Look at some near and far objects at different distances randomly. Whenever you focused to an object, jump to another immediately. Repeat it for 2 minutes.
  • Look at sea waves, leaves of trees, or clouds.

Our eyes are precious. We should protect them and treat as required. They don’t need much. Only protect them being over stressed.

Ahmet Aksoy

Sep 042015

Online grammar checks



Although I use an automatic proofreading system while editing, sometimes I check my copy before I publish it.

There are some online grammar checking systems on the web.

Recently I had found such a system: Although it says that it is free, actually it forces you to upgrade to the paid membership. And, it makes it in a disturbing manner. I had tried them for a few days, then stopped to use them. Their approach is not ethical. However, maybe their paid services are above the average. I don’t know it. But their free service does not meet my normal expectations.

There are some other alternatives too. A few of them are below:

My favorite site is
It has both free, and paid services. However, free grammar checking is quite efficient, and they don’t disturb you to inviting to upgrade on each step. You may give a try.

If you know a better free grammar checking tool, please inform me.

Ahmet Aksoy

Aug 302015

A guide to hypnotic phrases for success

A guide to hypnotic phrases for success

Hypnotic phrases are as important as hypnotic words. Especially in the titles of your writings, they have an extra importance. If your titles are eye-catching and striking then you can attract your visitors and persuade them to read your copy. You have a maximum of 3 seconds to draw their attention. If you can not succeed to catch their attention, they will leave your page immediately and you will lose them forever. They will not give you a second chance, because there are millions of alternative pages on the internet waiting for them.

Some of the visitors might be there by mistake because of a false redirection of a search engine. But if you have an attractive, inviting title on your page, you can convert that mistake to a beneficial opportunity.

Of course, you must also use some visual devices such as images, fonts, and colors on your page. However in order to persuade your visitors to charge more then 3 seconds on your page, you must give them short, meaningful, interesting, curious, and useful messages.

Hypnotic words and phrases helps you to be successful, step by step.

Let me give you some title examples: (Titles in parentheses have hypnotic phrases)

Earning money (A guide to money earning)
You can balance your weight (A blueprint to balance your weight)
Public speaking (A few success stories on public speaking)
Increasing your web visitors (A free and easy way to increase your web visitors)

You can use hypnotic phrases and hypnotic words in sub-titles, or in normal sentences. But, never overuse them.

Here is a list of some hypnotic phrases:
a blueprint for
a child could do it
a free and easy way to
a good friend of mine
a guide to
it is not rocket science
high tech
limited time offer

If you prefer using hypnotic word and phrases systematically, you should learn Ericksonian hypnotic language patterns.

I will write a more detailed article on this subject in the coming days.

Follow me.

Ahmet Aksoy


Aug 232015

Hypnotic words unleashed

Hypnotic wordsDo you have a web page? Then you must know how to use hypnotic words in your writings.

Are you a good seller? Then, you must be using hypnotic words – or power words- already in your conversations.

If you are a teacher, or a manager in any level, or you have children, or you are in politics then you ought to know the miracles of the hypnotic words and phrases.

In short, if you are dealing with people, and want to be good at managing them almost without any resistance then you must become an expert on hypnotic words.

Hypnotic words are mind catching. They draw and then redirect attention to the desired area if used carefully. Most of these words introduce you as an expert on any subject to your audience, maintains rapport, and invites to action.

However you must use these words naturally in your sentences. If they look like an odd patch, their effect are reversed.

Before giving a small list of these words, let me give you a few clues how to use hypnotic words:

  • Be natural
  • Believe in what you say
  • Believe in your message
  • Do not hurry
  • Support your sayings with your body language
  • Do not talk -or write- too much
  • Give your message clearly
  • Do not overuse hypnotic words

Now, I will give you a simple list.
Please check all of these words, and select a few of them which fit best for you. Do not select more than 5 words. Then study these words. Make exercises. Write down some sentences including any of your selected words. Read them aloud. Continue exercising until you feel completely natural. When you become an expert on using them, you can add some new words to your toolbox.

Simple hypnotic word list (sorted alphabetically):

  • absolutely
  • accomplish
  • achieve
  • clear-cut
  • compelling
  • critical
  • instantly
  • shocking
  • simple
  • step-by-step

If you do not resonate with a word, do not use it. You must own your hypnotic words. They must become an integral part of you.

I will share some other hypnotic words in my coming articles. Also you can share your own words, too.

Thank you for reading.

Ahmet Aksoy

Aug 182015

Importance of vocabulary while writing

Writing is the painting of the voice

Importance of vocabulary while writing


It is said that 300 words will be enough for any person in his/her daily dialog.

I agree that only if we have some primitive messages in our conversations. This is true, because most of the communication is performed by our body language in a face to face environment. So, even with a limited vocabulary, we can tell what we mean to another person with the help of our body language and our facial expressions.

However, when we mention about a written monologue, a larger vocabulary is required to maintain a better understanding of the given messages. That is because, in this case our body language will not assist us to make our messages to be more understandable, and clear.

There is an other important factor to be taken into consideration while writing. We should always remember that the meaning of a message is limited by the reader’s understanding. So, if we use too specific words in our copy, it is likely that we will be less understood.

Therefore, it is better to prefer using more common words in our sentences. Instead of saying “It was a gorgeous scene.”, we should paint the scene: “The sky was pure blue. There were no clouds. A little stream was flowing under the shades of the trees. Birds were singing around. The yellow wheat fields were extending to the horizon…” Painting pictures with words is a good practice while writing.

So, if you have a rich vocabulary, it helps you to understand what you read better. However, you should try to use a limited vocabulary if you want your messages to be understood more people. Or, at least you should use both less common words, and make them more clear with the descriptions made by more common words.

In one of my next articles, I will give you the words which have the highest usage frequencies.

Newcomers should learn these words as soon as possible.

With my best wishes.

Ahmet Aksoy