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How can you survive without technology

How can you survive without technology


Modern human has forgotten basic vital details required in the natural environment. Especially people who live in mega-cities, know almost nothing about actual wild life.

Imagine that you are left alone on a deserted island after a ship accident. There is no wreckage on the shore. There are no human beings around. You have no technological devices. Nothing to eat. Nothing to drink…

How can you survive?

First, let us make a small list of minimal requirements:

  • A shelter to protect yourself against extreme atmospheric conditions and possible wild animal attacks
  • Drinkable water
  • Food
  • Fire
  • Collecting vegetables and fruits
  • Hunting
  • Something to wear when required
  • Hope to return back to your social and technological life

You can live maximum 3 days without drinking potable water. Otherwise dehydration will kill you. So, you must find drinkable water as soon as possible.

You might be hungry too. But you can resist hunger about three weeks. So it can wait. But thirst will not wait for a long time.

To find drinkable water you must search around. Here are some possible water resources:

Rain water might be collected in some small pools. That water might be tasteless, but it is clean. You can consume it.

If it is raining, you can collect raindrops using some large leaves. If you have a container, you can use leaves like a funnel to catch the water drops and direct them into the container.

I will continue to give you some more details in my coming posts.

In any case, take care of yourself. Human body is very sensitive, but it can also resist unbelievable extreme conditions. Be calm, and believe in yourself!

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Ahmet Aksoy

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