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How to build a shelter in the wild?

How to build a shelter in the wild?Shelter


Without a knife or similar tool, it is very difficult bu build a shelter. If you have no such a tool then you should find some hard stones which have sharp edges. You can attach it to a wooden stick and tie it in place with some wood fibers. You have to make some trials to find a useful solution. (However, if you have bootlaces, you can use them either.)

Our ancestors in Stone Age, had been using such devices for hunting, building shelters and protecting their families. If we try, we can find much better solutions to invent some useful tools necessary to survive.

If we can find an empty cave which is large enough for us, it might be a wonderful solution. However we should check for predator droppings or similar traces around to be sure. Otherwise, we might be in danger. If possible we must close the entrance of the cave when we are inside. Some logs and large stones will be help us to do it.

Be sure that your shelter is not in a dry river bed. In case of a flood, you might be in a great risk.

If you couldn’t find a cave that can protect you, then you can build your own cave. For example you can dig a hole big enough, and cover on top of it with branches, leaves and earth. But, always let fresh air could be circulated in it.

If there are no predators around, you can create your shelter on the ground by branches and green leaves also.

Follow me.

Ahmet Aksoy

New words: shelter, Stone Age, predator, droppings, flood

P.S. The above series about wild life do not contain survival recipes. I only want to create an imaginary scene for you in order to remember the unknown words more easily.


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