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How to find food in the wild

How to find food in the wild

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In case of a survival situation it is important where to find edible foods. Maybe you think hunting to be the easiest method. However, hunting needs a lot of energy and some tools. So, it is easiest to try to collect some plants and/or insects.

Edible plants
There is a risque of eating poisonous plants. So, you must test it first. Eat just a small amount of the plant and wait for a few hours. If you watch any unpleasant reaction on your body, then do not consume that plant. (If it is very poisonous, maybe there will be nothing to do. However, in order to survive in the wild you should take some risque. It is inevitable.)

Bird eggs
If you can find bird eggs, that means you found a nutritional and safe food source.

Instead of hunting, use your intelligence and imagination to prepare some traps. The most important tool you have is your brain. Use it!

If you are around a river or a lake you can try to catch some fishes. Fishing is not easy. You need patience and practice. If you have a hook and line, you can use them. If you have not such a tool, then you can use an appropriate piece of branch as a spear.

It might be better to make a simple net to catch fish. You can use your clothes, or some branches or plant stems to obtain a simple net.

If you can build a set of bow and arrows, then you can try to hunt birds or some bigger animals like deer, or goats. But you need a lot of practice to be successful.

If I summarize the situation, to survive in the wild is not very easy. But if you keep calm, evaluate your actual advantages and disadvantages, and use your knowledge you can find practical solutions to your situation.

Our “In the wild” articles do not try to solve a realistic problem for such a situation actually. Our aim is to use English in different scenarios. By doing so, we obtain better and simpler stories to remember.

In order to get the most out of these articles, reading once is not enough. You should study them also. Find the words and phrases that you didn’t know. Read and write them on paper. Then try to rewrite the same sentences using your own words. Ask yourself some questions and answer them. Read aloud and write all of them many times.

In order to improve your English, you must use it as much as possible. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. The biggest mistake is to avoid mistakes by avoiding action.

Ahmet Aksoy


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