Aug 232015

Hypnotic words unleashed

Hypnotic wordsDo you have a web page? Then you must know how to use hypnotic words in your writings.

Are you a good seller? Then, you must be using hypnotic words – or power words- already in your conversations.

If you are a teacher, or a manager in any level, or you have children, or you are in politics then you ought to know the miracles of the hypnotic words and phrases.

In short, if you are dealing with people, and want to be good at managing them almost without any resistance then you must become an expert on hypnotic words.

Hypnotic words are mind catching. They draw and then redirect attention to the desired area if used carefully. Most of these words introduce you as an expert on any subject to your audience, maintains rapport, and invites to action.

However you must use these words naturally in your sentences. If they look like an odd patch, their effect are reversed.

Before giving a small list of these words, let me give you a few clues how to use hypnotic words:

  • Be natural
  • Believe in what you say
  • Believe in your message
  • Do not hurry
  • Support your sayings with your body language
  • Do not talk -or write- too much
  • Give your message clearly
  • Do not overuse hypnotic words

Now, I will give you a simple list.
Please check all of these words, and select a few of them which fit best for you. Do not select more than 5 words. Then study these words. Make exercises. Write down some sentences including any of your selected words. Read them aloud. Continue exercising until you feel completely natural. When you become an expert on using them, you can add some new words to your toolbox.

Simple hypnotic word list (sorted alphabetically):

  • absolutely
  • accomplish
  • achieve
  • clear-cut
  • compelling
  • critical
  • instantly
  • shocking
  • simple
  • step-by-step

If you do not resonate with a word, do not use it. You must own your hypnotic words. They must become an integral part of you.

I will share some other hypnotic words in my coming articles. Also you can share your own words, too.

Thank you for reading.

Ahmet Aksoy

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