Aug 262015

Internet slang

Internet slang

There is an interesting web site on the internet:

I found it while I was searching for the meaning of ESL. There it is explained as “English as Second Language”.

There are also some other related abbreviation explanations:

  • EFL: English as a Foreign Language
  • EPL: English Premier League
  • TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign Language

Also some most popular slang words are listed as follows:

  • MUAHZ : Kisses
  • DUB: Twenty (dollars, dollars of drugs, inch rims)
  • VNH: Very Nice Hand (in online card games, especially poker)
  • TWEET: A post on Twitter
  • Y2K: Year 2000

In formal English, slung is treated as if “not existing”. Actually, it is very important in daily talks. So, as an ESL learner, we should learn it too. Otherwise, we can not catch the soul of the streets, or friendly talks. We don’t have to use it regularly, but we must understand it.

Without understanding slang, it is not possible to learn a language fully. So, your schedule must also cover some slang. Internet is very rich on this subject. Ask Google!..

Ahmet Aksoy

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