Sep 242015

Let’s learn real English

Let's learn English

Most of the ESL learners suffer from being unable to speak fluently. Reading and understanding is much easier for them. Also they can understand most of the spoken words and phrases. However they lose their confidence suddenly when they have to talk. They are very slow and tedious while talking. They are afraid of making mistakes.

But this is not their own fault. Because, they were taught a rule-based English. So, the real mistake is made by the teaching system.

Now, a group of three native English speakers offers a new learning system especially for ESL learners to speak like a native speaker in six months.

They have seven simple rules:

Rule #1: Always learn English phrases instead of studying and memorizing single words.

Rule #2: Do not study grammar rules. (Most of the native speakers do not know grammar rules well but they can talk fluently.)

Rule #3: Listen first. (Learn first by your ears, not by your eyes.)

Rule #4: Learn deeply. (Create permanent links in the depths of your brain.)

Rule #5: Use point of view stories. (Tell the same story in different tenses, and from the point of view of different persons.)

Rule #6: Use real English materials.

Rule #7: Use listen and answer stories.

Their service is not free. They have a total of 30 sets which should be studied for six months. You can reach them from their web page at:

You can also find some videos of the same group in youtube.

If you don’t want to purchase such a service, there are zillions of free sources on

For myself, I prefer free sharings. Maybe it takes some more time behaving like this, but I can learn different interesting methods and I don’t stuck to a single method.

If you can use it efficiently, internet is ready to service whatever you wanted.

Enjoy while you are learning. Watch movies, listen to and sing songs, read and write. Find a native English speaker to chat, or talk to him/her thru Google or skype.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Because we learn better by our mistakes. So, never lose your confidence. If you want, you can obtain it.

Ahmet Aksoy

New words to learn: confidence, tedious

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