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NASA announced flowing water evidence on Mars

NASA announced flowing water evidence on Mars

Image credits: NASA – Mars Rover Curiosity

Scientists from NASA reported that recurring slope lineae on the walls of some craters on Mars are due to seasonal changes causing salty water flow. According to them dark-toned streaks are formed when temperature rises above 21 degrees Celcius. When the temperature drops below that level, these formations disappear.

It is known that Mars had an ocean 4.3 million years ago. You can find some details about it in my article Mars Had An Ocean 4.3 Million Years Ago.

Existence of water is very important regarding “manned” space flights to Mars. Also, the probability of micro alien life forms on Mars sharply increases due to existence of flowing water. But, I don’t want to talk about the possibility of intelligent life forms on Mars. We have no evidence on it yet. However, it is not impossible.

Interestingly, these type of news about Mars will act as a great advertisement for the movie “Martian” which will be released on October. Is it an innocent coincidence? It looks like too good to be true!

Here is the official trailer:

On the other hand, maybe NASA is already ready for a manned voyage to Mars. Who knows?

Ahmet Aksoy


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  1. […] of the formations on the slopes of the craters on Mars were assumed to be the evidence of seasonal flowing water. However, now there is a different proposal for the formation of these […]

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