Aug 312015

Our First Performance Report

Our First Performance Report

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Time is passing away.
We completed our second week on Help Me To Improve My English site.
It will be good practice to stop now, and prepare a simple report about what we did in this period.

Here is a small list:

  • published a new article on each day
  • found interesting devices for ESL learners, for example,
  • a newsletter membership for A.Word.A.Day
  • solving a new crossword puzzle everyday
  • trying a few boggles each day
  • practicing in English (I will repeat the same for Turkish in future)
  • learning new words (at least one word per day)
  • watching original videos
  • thinking in English
  • sharing articles with social media
  • adding useful links to the web site
  • getting better scores on Alexa Traffic Rank

Also I have an additional todo list:

  • learning new words from the frequency list starting from the most frequent ones
  • writing haiku in English regularly
  • finding a chat friend
  • search for better ways of learning
  • study and teach different copy methods
  • using hypnotic words and phrases more frequently
  • sharing my experiences with other ESL learners
  • increase the number of visitors of
  • make fast translations in both ways between English and Turkish
  • start learning Spanish
  • search for a poetical words dictionary
  • read poems
  • study phrases
  • study slang words

I like my performance.
If you are ESL learner, follow me.
We will both learn, and enjoy!

Ahmet Aksoy

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