Sep 272015
28,790 viewsHow to start a fire in the wild without matches

How to start a fire in the wild without matches Let us continue our “being alone in the wild without necessary technological tools” scenario. In our previous articles we’ve handled out drinking water and shelter problems. And now let’s find some efficient solutions in order to start a fire without a match or lighter. In […]

Sep 242015
5,678 viewsLet's learn real English

Let’s learn real English Most of the ESL learners suffer from being unable to speak fluently. Reading and understanding is much easier for them. Also they can understand most of the spoken words and phrases. However they lose their confidence suddenly when they have to talk. They are very slow and tedious while talking. They […]

Sep 232015
5,418 views13 Best Sci-Fi Movies to Watch

13 Best Sci-Fi Movies to Watch Do you like sci-fi movies? If you do, probably you will like the following list. The list is sorted by the production dates of movies from new to old. (2013) Her Director: Spike Jonze Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson Imdb rating: 8.0 (2010) Inception Director: Christopher Nolan […]

Sep 222015
8,433 viewsI've got a cold

I’ve got a cold On yesterday evening I’ve got a cold. It happened in blink of time without an obvious reason. The weather was not cold. There were no big temperature changes. I hadn’t met a foreigner. There were no ill person in my near circle. It started with a high pitch sneeze. A few […]

Sep 202015
71,511 viewsHow to build a shelter in the wild?

How to build a shelter in the wild? Without a knife or similar tool, it is very difficult bu build a shelter. If you have no such a tool then you should find some hard stones which have sharp edges. You can attach it to a wooden stick and tie it in place with some […]

Sep 192015
6,466 viewsHow to find drinking water in the wild?

How to find drinking water in the wild? Investigate Search around for a stream or a river. Flowing water generally is more clear. If possible, find traces of birds or animals. If they drink that water, you may drink also. If you could not find a flowing water source, but find a water pool, then […]

Sep 142015
25,323 viewsHow can you survive without technology

How can you survive without technology Modern human has forgotten basic vital details required in the natural environment. Especially people who live in mega-cities, know almost nothing about actual wild life. Imagine that you are left alone on a deserted island after a ship accident. There is no wreckage on the shore. There are no […]

Sep 122015
3,714 viewsListen to songs to master English

Listen to songs to master English Learning with songs is a very effective and amusing event. Rhythm and sound help memory processes creating a lot of extra electro-chemical links between brain cells. These synaptic connections between neurons (nerve cells) maintain long-term memory. Lyrics, poems with rhymes, and songs can be memorized easier, because they are […]

Sep 112015
3,231 viewsPoetry is the heartbeat of a language

Poetry is the heartbeat of a language If you want to feel the inner rhymes of a language, you should listen to and read poems and poetical writings. If you are an ESL student, and if you have not a language mentor then it might be best for you to listen to some poetry audio. […]

Sep 092015
4,077 viewsNew murals in Kadikoy

New murals in Kadikoy There are two new murals on Sarraf Ali Sokak in Kadikoy. One of them had been painted between 27 June and 4 July by the Turkish painter Cins. The following mural belongs to him: On the same street, a new mural had been completed by Aryz. His painting follows: These murals […]