Sep 082015
4,215 viewsGraffiti museum in Haydarpasa train station

Graffiti museum in Haydarpasa train station Haydarpasa Train Station had been closed more than three years ago. Most of the rails are removed, but still there are many cars over there waiting silently. These railroad cars are now shining like an artist’s canvas. There are hundreds of beautiful graffiti on the walls of these cars. […]

Sep 072015
2,499 viewsGoogle's AI bot wants to live forever

Google’s AI bot wants to live forever (The following article was published on ) Google released a new report on 23 Jun 2015, with the title “A Neural Conversational Model”. In the report, there are some interesting dialogs between the machine and the human beings. The new AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbot has a very […]

Sep 062015
2,804 viewsYour eyes can repair themselves

Your eyes can repair themselves Your eyes are marvelous! If you know how to treat them, they can repair themselves. Our eyes are surrounded by three sets of twin muscles. Since our eye tissue is elastic, it can be easily reshaped by the aid of these muscles. However, because of modern life styles, we generally […]

Sep 052015
3,230 viewsSuper effective technique EFT

Super effective technique EFT Have you ever heard about the super effective technique EFT? This term is the abbreviation of the words “Emotional Freedom Techniques”. EFT is based on the traditional Chinese energy system, and it is modernized by Gary Craig on 1990’s. The technique is applied by tapping to certain acupuncture points on the […]

Sep 042015
2,612 viewsOnline grammar checks

Online grammar checks Although I use an automatic proofreading system while editing, sometimes I check my copy before I publish it. There are some online grammar checking systems on the web. Recently I had found such a system: Although it says that it is free, actually it forces you to upgrade to the paid […]

Sep 032015
2,885 viewsLearning idioms is a piece of cake

Learning idioms is a piece of cake Idioms are important. However, learning idioms is as easy as pie. According to wikipedia, “It is estimated that there are at least twenty-five thousand idiomatic expressions in the English language.” Using idioms in your sentences, gives a different flavor to your messages. However idioms are generally used while […]

Sep 022015
2,471 viewsTooltips for word learning

Tooltips for word learning From now on, a tooltip system will serve you to learn new words. Instead of loading tons of words in a rush, we will load only a few words to the system on each day. Most of these words will also take place in the posts. So, only placing your cursor […]

Sep 012015
2,385 viewsStep by step word learning

Step by step word learning The internet is a lot like Ancient Egypt. People write on walls, and worship cats. I’m not sure about the actual source of the above quote. It is repeated on many places on the internet. When you ask Google, you find 1 million results. But, the above picture is published […]

Aug 312015
2,360 viewsOur First Performance Report

Our First Performance Report Time is passing away. We completed our second week on Help Me To Improve My English site. It will be good practice to stop now, and prepare a simple report about what we did in this period. Here is a small list: published a new article on each day found interesting […]

Aug 302015
3,567 viewsA guide to hypnotic phrases for success

A guide to hypnotic phrases for success Hypnotic phrases are as important as hypnotic words. Especially in the titles of your writings, they have an extra importance. If your titles are eye-catching and striking then you can attract your visitors and persuade them to read your copy. You have a maximum of 3 seconds to […]