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Nov 202015
6,730 viewsEnglish idioms about travel and transport

English idioms about travel and transport in the same boat: If two or more parties are in the same boat, they are in the same unpleasant or difficult situation. When the factory closed down, the workers all found themselves in the same boat. cart before the horse: A person who puts the cart before the […]

Nov 162015
5,063 viewsLet's learn new idioms

Let’s learn new idioms The following idioms are in color. While learning them you can use the image of the related color to memorize them more easily. White: white lie: an innocent lie to protect another person’s feelings Example: We told Grandma that her cake was delicious, which was actually a white lie. white elephant: […]

Nov 092015
4,256 viewsThe Knife

The Knife Sixties… We live in Uzunköprü (LongBridge). It is a small town near Edirne (Adrianople). I can’t remember the name of our street anymore after more than half a century. There are only some foggy images from there. But our house was very near to my school. And I remember its name: Shahsuvar Bey […]

Oct 272015
4,402 viewsShow Don't Tell Method While Writing

Show Don’t Tell Method While Writing If you are telling a story, maybe it is the best way to use “Show Don’t Tell” method. In this method, you don’t tell the story directly. Instead, you give the visual, auditory and kinesthetic clues to the readers and let them imagine the scenes in their own minds. […]

Oct 202015
4,869 viewsRewriting Exercises to Learn English Better

Rewriting Exercises to Learn English Better One of the best method of learning English (or any other language) is using “Rewriting Exercises”. When you learn something, you can make your own sentences with your own words in order to define it. By doing so, you learn English (or any other language) dynamically. You do not […]

Oct 062015
5,207 views30 colors in English

30 colors in English Color is a function of light. When the frequency of light changes, it means that its color also shifts. Colors are ruled by law of physics. Red objects are either reflecting red light, or permits penetration of it. The same rule applies for the other colors. Leaves are green, because chlorophyll […]

Oct 032015
5,336 viewsHow to find food in the wild

How to find food in the wild In case of a survival situation it is important where to find edible foods. Maybe you think hunting to be the easiest method. However, hunting needs a lot of energy and some tools. So, it is easiest to try to collect some plants and/or insects. Edible plants There […]

Sep 302015
9,596 viewsNASA announced flowing water evidence on Mars

NASA announced flowing water evidence on Mars Scientists from NASA reported that recurring slope lineae on the walls of some craters on Mars are due to seasonal changes causing salty water flow. According to them dark-toned streaks are formed when temperature rises above 21 degrees Celcius. When the temperature drops below that level, these formations […]

Sep 282015
5,393 viewsExamples for 5 common idioms

Examples for 5 common idioms Today I will give you examples of five mostly used idioms. If you want to learn living English, you should learn and get used to idioms. I will continue to share new examples for some other commonly used idioms and phrases. I hope it will not take in ages. If […]