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How to start a fire in the wild without matches

Let us continue our “being alone in the wild without necessary technological tools” scenario.

In our previous articles we’ve handled out drinking water and shelter problems. And now let’s find some efficient solutions in order to start a fire without a match or lighter.

How to start a fire in the wild without matches

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In order to start a fire we can use laws of physics. According to physics, friction converts mechanical energy to heat energy. In normal conditions, technological tools try to minimize friction in order to get rid of energy loss. But, in order to start a fire, we should increase friction as much as possible.

Now we need a fire board and a wooden stick as a spindle. Both of them must be completely dry. Otherwise we can not be successful. Also we need some dry leaves, plant fibers, dried mosses which can ignite easily.

Lets make a tiny hole on the fire board and put some dry leaves around it. Our aim is to obtain an ember in the hole by spinning our spindle. We spin the spindle by using our both hands or by using a simple bow. (In the references part below, there are links to some detailed explanations with pictures.)

As another method, you can use flint stones to obtain a spark.

If you are in a sunny region you can use simple lenses or mirrors to start a fire. For example you can use the bottom part of a soda or beer can. (You can find all kinds of similar garbage wherever you go.) First polish it as possible as you can. Then place it suitably in order to obtain the reflection point of light on some easily flammable substance. (You find a video at: fire with a soda can.)

Of course, there are some other methods too. Also, you can invent your own method that fits in your condition. If you want, you can!

There are lots of synonyms for “to start a fire”. Some of them are as follows:

  • ignite
  • light
  • put a match to
  • set aflame
  • set fire to
  • set on fire

Controlling fire is one of the most important inventions of human kind. At first probably they were afraid of it. It was dangerous. But when they learned how to control it, it became a very important tool for them as a weapon and as a heating source.

In the next part. We will talk about foods in the wild.

Take care of yourself.

Ahmet Aksoy

New words: shelter, start a fire, spindle, ignite, ember, flammable

P.S. Please do remember that here we aim to improve our English. Maybe some or all of the above sentences or paragraphs might look you silly. If you think so, it might be better. Because you can remember extreme , absurd situations better. Read them and study new words and phrases.
Now I will advise you a new method: Re-write the above sentences with your own words and phrases. Protect the overall meaning, but change the words and/or their places in the sentences. By doing so, you will create many more new connections in your brain and remember better.


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