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Super effective technique EFT

Super effective technique EFTHave you ever heard about the super effective technique EFT? This term is the abbreviation of the words “Emotional Freedom Techniques”.

EFT is based on the traditional Chinese energy system, and it is modernized by Gary Craig on 1990’s. The technique is applied by tapping to certain acupuncture points on the skin. These points are especially placed on the head, on the chest, and on the fingers.

Traditional Chinese energy system says that any blockages on the energy system are the main reasons of the physical and mental disturbances. On the other hand, when these blockages are removed from the body, consequently, the related illnesses also disappear.

In Emotional Freedom Techniques, these blockages are dissolved by tapping eighteen acupuncture (or acupressure) points in a row.

EFT is effective on all type of stresses, worries, and fears. Besides the emotional problems, physical pains are also could be controlled by applying the technique.

EFT can be applied even by children. Because it is very easy and simple technique. However, severe problems must be resolved only by EFT professionals.

If you want to learn more about the technique, please visit

You must be ready to be surprised when you try it!

Ahmet Aksoy

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