Aug 222015

Crossword puzzles for English

Crossword puzzles for EnglishIf you want to enlarge your vocabulary, solving crossword puzzles is one of the most practical ways of learning new words.

In the above main menu, “Online Word Games -> Daily Crossword Puzzles” item supplies you such a nice device. It is from It is very practical. There are many help options in the puzzle. If it had a save/reload option it would be a better solution. However, you can use it as it is. You will like it.

The puzzle changes automatically everyday. So, you will have 24 hours in order to complete it. But, if you want to use Score, you should complete the puzzle as soon as possible.

I am also searching for some other alternative systems, especially which have save and load options. When I find such an online solution, I will share it here.

If you know a similar online crossword puzzle system that can be shared, please let me know.

I hope you will like our puzzles.

ahmet aksoy