Sep 042015

Online grammar checks



Although I use an automatic proofreading system while editing, sometimes I check my copy before I publish it.

There are some online grammar checking systems on the web.

Recently I had found such a system: Although it says that it is free, actually it forces you to upgrade to the paid membership. And, it makes it in a disturbing manner. I had tried them for a few days, then stopped to use them. Their approach is not ethical. However, maybe their paid services are above the average. I don’t know it. But their free service does not meet my normal expectations.

There are some other alternatives too. A few of them are below:

My favorite site is
It has both free, and paid services. However, free grammar checking is quite efficient, and they don’t disturb you to inviting to upgrade on each step. You may give a try.

If you know a better free grammar checking tool, please inform me.

Ahmet Aksoy