Sep 222015

I’ve got a cold

I've got cold


On yesterday evening I’ve got a cold. It happened in blink of time without an obvious reason.

The weather was not cold. There were no big temperature changes. I hadn’t met a foreigner. There were no ill person in my near circle.

It started with a high pitch sneeze. A few more sneezes followed it. Then a pain started in my throat that hurts me more and more as time passes. Gulping accompanied by a sharp pain. And my nose started to run.

I had a terrible night.

It was even worse in the following morning. I also had a headache. It was especially concentrated deep in the roots of my eyes.

EFT is a very effective method over pains. SO, after a few rounds, I could control my headache.

I don’t like to take pills. However my sore throat really affected me badly.

By EFT and acupuncture, I could only decrease my pain in the throat, but could not remove it completely.

On the afternoon I’ve given in and I’ve taken two pills.

Now I feel better.

My nose is still running. But the pain in my throat does not disturb me anymore.

Getting cold is a viral illness. So, there is no pills to recover from cold. In order to cure it, it is best to rest.

In my country there is a quote about cold:

“You will recover from cold in a week if you rest properly. Otherwise it takes seven days.”

So, take care of yourself!

Be far from all illnesses.

Ahmet Aksoy