Sep 122015

Listen to songs to master English

Listen to songs to master English

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Learning with songs is a very effective and amusing event. Rhythm and sound help memory processes creating a lot of extra electro-chemical links between brain cells. These synaptic connections between neurons (nerve cells) maintain long-term memory. Lyrics, poems with rhymes, and songs can be memorized easier, because they are a collection of some rhythmic and similar sounds. is a very useful site for an ESL student. If you like, there are tons of interactive online lessons on the site. “Learning English with songs” is one of them.

But, do not limit yourself with the exercises. Listen to every type of songs which contain English lyrics. Try to sense the meaning. Do not force yourself to understand all of the words. Take it easy! Relax! Listen to the music.

When you catch the whole story, and want to grab more details; then you should search for the lyrics of the song on the internet. Check the words that you misunderstood or didn’t know the exact meaning. Study the words and the line structures. (In lyrics, there might be some grammatical mistakes. Be aware of them.)

If you can sing the song in a high volume, it will be very helpful for you to internalize the details.

Have fun!

Ahmet Aksoy

Sep 022015

Tooltips for word learning

Tooltips for word learningtooltip

From now on, a tooltip system will serve you to learn new words.

Instead of loading tons of words in a rush, we will load only a few words to the system on each day. Most of these words will also take place in the posts. So, only placing your cursor on these words, you will see the definition and similar explanations both in English, and Turkish. After a while, we will also add Spanish to our list.

The system is very simple. When you place the cursor over the new word, a text box will be opened automatically, and it will show you some explanations about the word.

Let’s try it now!

Place your cursor onto the word “tooltip”.
Do you see red color? Yes, words with a tooltip have a red color and they are underlined in gray. So, you can easily see them when you look at the post.
Do you see the box? Its border color is marine, and has a thickness of 5 pixels.
Do you see the definitions inside the box?

It’s that easy!

When you change the cursor location to another place, the tooltip box is removed.

If you do not see any words in red and gray underline, or any marine colored box, then maybe there is a configuration problem or a restriction in your system. In order to find a solution for such a situation, please write a comment at the below describing your problem, and giving some details about your computer system: eg. your internet browser name, your antivirus program, whether you are using a firewall system or not, etc…

If there is a problem, there is also a solution.

Our tooltip mechanism will help you to learn new words. But, reading tooltips alone, might not be enough. Please write them as many times as possible on a paper, read them aloud, use them in your own sentences. In short, absorb them, possess them!

In order to learn these words, you should follow our posts. In each post, we will add at least one single word, or maybe some more.

If you have any suggestions, please write it as a comment.

Ahmet Aksoy