Nov 162015

Let’s learn new idioms

Idioms are

The following idioms are in color. While learning them you can use the image of the related color to memorize them more easily.

white lie: an innocent lie to protect another person’s feelings
Example: We told Grandma that her cake was delicious, which was actually a white lie.

white elephant: An expensive item that is costly to maintain.

black out: faint
Example: I always black out at the sight of blood.

the green light: permission
Example: The builders were given the green light to begin the tower.

to see red: to suddenly become very angry
Example: When he laughed in my face I saw red and hit him.

to catch someone red-handed: to catch someone in the act of doing something wrong (private or illegal)
Example: I caught my sister red-handed reading my diary.

in the red (informal): in debt, owing money. “in the red” can refer to a person or the person’s bank account.
Example: I don’t understand why he’s always in the red as he has a very good job.

blue collar: Working in a manual labor job
Example: He is a blue collar man.

once in a blue moon: very rarely, hardly ever
Example: When I was younger I used to go the cinema about once a month but now I go once in a blue moon.

out of the blue: unexpectedly
Example: I hadn’t heard from my old workmate in years when one day I received a letter from her out of the blue.

(The above idioms are derived from the following addresses in the references list)