Nov 092015

The Knife

The knifeSixties… We live in Uzunköprü (LongBridge). It is a small town near Edirne (Adrianople).

I can’t remember the name of our street anymore after more than half a century. There are only some foggy images from there. But our house was very near to my school. And I remember its name: Shahsuvar Bey Elementary School.

My elder brother was 4.5 years older than me. Then, he must be in Middle School. Now, I can not ask him these foggy details. He passed away only two months ago.

We were living in a two stage wooden house. Our bedrooms were upstairs. Creaking stairs were following our steps while we were going to sleep at night.

There were a small garden at the back of our house. The garden was separated from the outside world with a tall fence. The fence was covered completely with old, rusty gasoline cans. Beside the fence there was a narrow flower bed in bright colors.

We were in the garden on that day. Me and my bro. I don’t remember whether there were any other person around.

My bro was playing with a big, rusty knife. Actually it was my knife. I had found it in the junkyard. But he had gotten my knife and he had no intention to give it me back.

I was crying none-stop…

– “It is my knife. Give it me back!..”

He liked to torment me. And my only defense was to wearisome him by crying until he gives up what he was doing. None-stop… Again… And again…

– “It is my knife. Give it me back!..”

– “Not yours. It’s mine!…”

– “You’re a liar. It’s my knife. I found it in the junkyard.”

Sometimes we forgot our fight, but then restarted again.

Generally it didn’t take too long to come to an end. However, then, it was not the case. Both of us resisted to stop the fight.

Then, suddenly the overall scene got frozen. It became a slowed down movie… Voices were coming from far:

– “Take it then!”

My bro threw the knife with an abrupt move. It was just a single moment. Without considering what would happen.

In such moments instincts are important. I felt the danger and bent down at the same time.

The big rusty knife glanced off my hair, and penetrated into the fence completely.

We were both in shock!

I was completely frozen. My brother was more aware of the problem, and run away in a moment.

Now, I am only smiling when I remember that day. We were children. And sometimes we live just by chance…

Ahmet Aksoy