Aug 182015

Importance of vocabulary while writing

Writing is the painting of the voice

Importance of vocabulary while writing


It is said that 300 words will be enough for any person in his/her daily dialog.

I agree that only if we have some primitive messages in our conversations. This is true, because most of the communication is performed by our body language in a face to face environment. So, even with a limited vocabulary, we can tell what we mean to another person with the help of our body language and our facial expressions.

However, when we mention about a written monologue, a larger vocabulary is required to maintain a better understanding of the given messages. That is because, in this case our body language will not assist us to make our messages to be more understandable, and clear.

There is an other important factor to be taken into consideration while writing. We should always remember that the meaning of a message is limited by the reader’s understanding. So, if we use too specific words in our copy, it is likely that we will be less understood.

Therefore, it is better to prefer using more common words in our sentences. Instead of saying “It was a gorgeous scene.”, we should paint the scene: “The sky was pure blue. There were no clouds. A little stream was flowing under the shades of the trees. Birds were singing around. The yellow wheat fields were extending to the horizon…” Painting pictures with words is a good practice while writing.

So, if you have a rich vocabulary, it helps you to understand what you read better. However, you should try to use a limited vocabulary if you want your messages to be understood more people. Or, at least you should use both less common words, and make them more clear with the descriptions made by more common words.

In one of my next articles, I will give you the words which have the highest usage frequencies.

Newcomers should learn these words as soon as possible.

With my best wishes.

Ahmet Aksoy