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Top 1000 words in English

top 1000 words in english


Today I am giving the first 1,000 words in English with the highest frequencies. That list is coming from You can find some other lists also in that site.

Check if there are any words you didn’t know… One thousand words is not a bad score.

Mostly used 1000 words in English:
001-010: the, be, and, of, a, in, to, have, to, it
011-020: I, that, for, you, he, with, on, do, say, this
021-030: they, at, but, we, his, from, that, not, n’t, n’t
031-040: by, she, or, as, what, go, their, can, who, get
041-050: if, would, her, all, my, make, about, know, will, as
051-060: up, one, time, there, year, so, think, when, which, them
061-070: some, me, people, take, out, into, just, see, him, your
071-080: come, could, now, than, like, other, how, then, its, our
081-090: two, more, these, want, way, look, first, also, new, because
091-100: day, more, use, no, man, find, here, thing, give, many
101-110: well, only, those, tell, one, very, her, even, back, any
111-120: good, woman, through, us, life, child, there, work, down, may
121-130: after, should, call, world, over, school, still, try, in, as
131-140: last, ask, need, too, feel, three, when, state, never, become
141-150: between, high, really, something, most, another, much, family, own, out
151-160: leave, put, old, while, mean, on, keep, student, why, let
161-170: great, same, big, group, begin, seem, country, help, talk, where
171-180: turn, problem, every, start, hand, might, American, show, part, about
181-190: against, place, over, such, again, few, case, most, week, company
191-200: where, system, each, right, program, hear, so, question, during, work
201-210: play, government, run, small, number, off, always, move, like, night
211-220: live, Mr, point, believe, hold, today, bring, happen, next, without
221-230: before, large, all, million, must, home, under, water, room, write
231-240: mother, area, national, money, story, young, fact, month, different, lot
241-250: right, study, book, eye, job, word, though, business, issue, side
251-260: kind, four, head, far, black, long, both, little, house, yes
261-270: after, since, long, provide, service, around, friend, important, father, sit
271-280: away, until, power, hour, game, often, yet, line, political, end
281-290: among, ever, stand, bad, lose, however, member, pay, law, meet
291-300: car, city, almost, include, continue, set, later, community, much, name
301-310: five, once, white, least, president, learn, real, change, team, minute
311-320: best, several, idea, kid, body, information, nothing, ago, right, lead
321-330: social, understand, whether, back, watch, together, follow, around, parent, only
331-340: stop, face, anything, create, public, already, speak, others, read, level
341-350: allow, add, office, spend, door, health, person, art, sure, such
351-360: war, history, party, within, grow, result, open, change, morning, walk
361-370: reason, low, win, research, girl, guy, early, food, before, moment
371-380: himself, air, teacher, force, offer, enough, both, education, across, although
381-390: remember, foot, second, boy, maybe, toward, able, age, off, policy
391-400: everything, love, process, music, including, consider, appear, actually, buy, probably
401-410: human, wait, serve, market, die, send, expect, home, sense, build
411-420:stay, fall, oh, nation, plan, cut, college, interest, death, course
421-430: someone, experience, behind, reach, local, kill, six, remain, effect, use
431-440: yeah, suggest, class, control, raise, care, perhaps, little, late, hard
441-450: field, else, pass, former, sell, major, sometimes, require, along, development
451-460: themselves, report, role, better, economic, effort, up, decide, rate, strong
461-470: possible, heart, drug, show, leader, light, voice, wife, whole, police
471-480: mind, finally, pull, return, free, military, price, report, less, according
481-490: decision, explain, son, hope, even, develop, view, relationship, carry, town
491-500: road, drive, arm, true, federal, break, better, difference, thank, receive
501-510: value, international, building, action, full, model, join, season, society, because
511-520: tax, director, early, position, player, agree, especially, record, pick, wear
521-530: paper, special, space, ground, form, support, event, official, whose, matter
531-540: everyone, center, couple, site, end, project, hit, base, activity, star
541-550: table, need, court, produce, eat, American, teach, oil, half, situation
551-560: easy, cost, industry, figure, face, street, image, itself, phone, either
561-570: data, cover, quite, picture, clear, practice, piece, land, recent, describe
571-580: product, doctor, wall, patient, worker, news, test, movie, certain, north
581-590: love, personal, open, support, simply, third, technology, catch, step, baby
591-600: computer, type, attention, draw, film, Republican, tree, source, red, nearly
601-610: organization, choose, cause, hair, look, point, century, evidence, window, difficult
611-620: listen, soon, culture, billion, chance, brother, energy, period, course, summer
621-630: less, realize, hundred, available, plant, likely, opportunity, term, short, letter
631-640: condition, choice, place, single, rule, daughter, administration, south, husband, Congress
641-650: floor, campaign, material, population, well, call, economy, medical, hospital, church
651-660: close, thousand, risk, current, fire, future, wrong, involve, defense, anyone
661-670: increase, security, bank, myself, certainly, west, sport, board, seek, per
671-680: subject, officer, private, rest, behavior, deal, performance, fight, throw, top
681-690: quickly, past, goal, second, bed, order, author, fill, represent, focus
691-700: foreign, drop, plan, blood, upon, agency, push, nature, color, no
701-710: recently, store, reduce, sound, note, fine, before, near, movement, page
711-720: enter, share, than, common, poor, other, natural, race, concern, series
721-730: significant, similar, hot, language, each, usually, response, dead, rise, animal
731-740: factor, decade, article, shoot, east, save, seven, artist, away, scene
741-750: stock, career, despite, central, eight, thus, treatment, beyond, happy, exactly
751-760: protect, approach, lie, size, dog, fund, serious, occur, media, ready
761-770: sign, thought, list, individual, simple, quality, pressure, accept, answer, hard
771-780: resource, identify, left, meeting, determine, prepare, disease, whatever, success, argue
781-790: cup, particularly, amount, ability, staff, recognize, indicate, character, growth, loss
791-800: degree, wonder, attack, herself, region, television, box, TV, training, pretty
801-810: trade, deal, election, everybody, physical, lay, general, feeling, standard, bill
811-820: message, fail, outside, arrive, analysis, benefit, name, sex, forward, lawyer
821-830: present, section, environmental, glass, answer, skill, sister, PM, professor, operation
831-840: financial, crime, stage, ok, compare, authority, miss, design, sort, one
841-850: act, ten, knowledge, gun, station, blue, state, strategy, little, clearly
851-860: discuss, indeed, force, truth, song, example, democratic, check, environment, leg
861-870: dark, public, various, rather, laugh, guess, executive, set, study, prove
871-880: hang, entire, rock, design, enough, forget, since, claim, note, remove
881-890: manager, help, close, sound, enjoy, network, legal, religious, cold, form
891-900: final, main, science, green, memory, card, above, seat, cell, establish
901-910: nice, trial, expert, that, spring, firm, Democrat, radio, visit, management
911-920: care, avoid, imagine, tonight, huge, ball, no, close, finish, yourself
921-930: talk, theory, impact, respond, statement, maintain, charge, popular, traditional, onto
931-940: reveal, direction, weapon, employee, cultural, contain, peace, head, control, base
941-950: pain, apply, play, measure, wide, shake, fly, interview, manage, chair
951-960: fish, particular, camera, structure, politics, perform, bit, weight, suddenly, discover
961-970: candidate, top, production, treat, trip, evening, affect, inside, conference, unit
971-980: best, style, adult, worry, range, mention, rather, far, deep, past
981-990: edge, individual, specific, writer, trouble, necessary, throughout, challenge, fear, shoulder
991-1000: institution, middle, sea, dream, bar, beautiful, property, instead, improve, stuff
1001-1002: detail, method

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