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Top 300 words in English

top 300 words in english


The following words are the first 300 words with the highest frequencies in English.
These type of lists are prepared by counting the words using huge numbers of documents, and then sorting the words by frequency.
However these are not concrete lists. There might be some deviations due the documents used.

Mostly used 300 words in English
001-010: the, of, to, a, and, in, s, that, for, is
011-020: said, it, he, on, was, with, at, as, i, by
021:030: be, his, but, from, have, are, has, an, they, who
031-040: not, will, we, t, this, had, one, or, their, were
041-050: about, you, would, more, when, year, been, two, there, all
051-060: she, out, up, which, new, its, if, after, no, can
061-070: first, her, than, last, other, city, time, what, also, people
071-080: years, some, so, into, only, three, because, m, state, over
081-090: county, them, just, like, him, most, do, could, san, now
091-100: million, los, get, my, angeles, before, school, don, game, high
101-110: many, back, may, home, then, our, day, even, where, made
111-120: any, such, off, u, re, officials, against, make, through, four
121-130: way, old, long, says, those, california, down, much, team, president
131-140: going, second, work, good, me, how, week, since, well, season
141-150: say, during, did, police, world, still, being, think, another, while
151-160: company, very, go, five, american, play, under, take, should, these
161-170: center, government, here, next, public, right, both, know, today, house
171-180: court, money, won, national, run, want, orange, each, your, too
181-190: group, between, left, beach, life, d, night, man, program, see
191-200: diego, part, never, district, council, got, ve, p, little, business
201-210: times, best, own, department, us, told, lot, several, until, members
211-220: office, called, six, show, west, ago, come, children, area, points
221-230: santa, same, big, place, however, third, states, use, board, used
231-240: around, point, united, including, set, family, didn, john, few, former
241-250: country, came, days, park, end, friday, water, valley, coach, might
251-260: put, federal, league, without, month, found, director, among, tuesday, community
261-270: help, according, half, local, case, major, every, women, took, soviet
271-280: white, law, top, york, later, monday, plan, games, south, real
281-290: really, news, early, although, political, based, months, students, wednesday, better
291-300: record, saturday, thursday, college, does, open, went, something, amp, away

If you are new to English, first check the above list, and learn the meanings of the words that you didn’t know. If you know all of the words in the list, then you are above the beginner level.

Ahmet Aksoy

PS. There are some single letters in the list. They are separated from the prior word by a single quote. For example, t comes from can’t, etc.

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